About Us

How It Started?

Daniel Injoon Kim began in the world of payment processing, eSports/LAN centers, and eventually joined in 2016 as a partner at a very early stage Ethereum Mining Farm (800+ GPUs). Upon the growth of Ethereum, in 2018, Daniel has then raised $5m to build a Bitcoin & Ethereum mining farm in Quebec, Canada consisting of 2,000+ miners. Daniel is currently serving as a managing partner at MinedMap, Inc.

Since then, Daniel has resulted in connecting with Bitcoin miner manufacturers, repair, and hosting sites. Therefore, Smartoshi.com “Smartoshi, LLC.” has been created to simplify the opportunity of bitcoin mining and the costs behind it to small investors.



One simple benefit with us is that we do not mark up the prices of bitcoin miners when using our complete service. However, only procurement of miners will be sold at a premium. Most miners sold/bought today are done through 3rd-party trusted and verified resellers. We help acquire the miners at the lowest cost possible.

We provide a fully managed Bitcoin Mining Service; from getting your miners acquired, purchased, shipped, deployed, and running at optimal values. You simply collect Bitcoin, and pay the invoice every 1st of the month.

Reliable Manufacturers

There are a few manufacturers that are noted to be reliable (times of network difficulty may apply): Bitmain Antminer, Innosilicon, Whatsminer/MicroBT, Ebit, Canaan
We’ll make suggestions, you make the choices.

Learn about the models, details, and profitability behind Bitcoin miners:
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*The algorithm for Bitcoin mining is SHA-256

Calculate your ROI in live view:

Due to the limited supply of bitcoin miners as of now, the miners prices may fluctuate rapidly to reflect the return on investment time. Get your consultation done by us today to see the rates we can offer. Also, due to the high volume of customer inquiries, we’re now asking for a minimum order of 50kW of miners to mine with us.

Until further notice, clients under 50kW and/or 20 miners will not be accepted. For clients looking for something smaller, we have group-buy opportunities at www.bitcoinminingdeals.com


Get your consultation done by us today to see the rates we can offer.

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